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Rachael Hodges is a broadcast journalist at BBC Radio Five Live. She is also a part-time triathlete and will be competing for Bowel Cancer UK in the Mazda London Triathlon on August 2nd. In her own words, 'this triathlon is going to hurt', so if you want to help ease the pain then she very much welcomes sponsorship.

You have caught me at
...incorrect, I'm still not out. Unlike Australia's batsmen.

Silence is quiet.

The last time I heard a great new song was this week. Red Lipstick by Skint and Demoralised. Download it, it's ace!

If it was any choice of cocktail it would have to be a Bellini. You can never have too many.

The one piece of advice I will offer is to always unclip before trying to put your feet down.

To do good makes me feel good. Giving is a two way street.

I have more Chanel nail polishes than any other person alive. Or dead for that matter. FACT.

Half way around is half way there.

I wasn't there to watch Cardiff City play in the FA Cup Final last year. Everyone else I know was. It's a fact that still irks me!

The definition of annoying are the members of the MLOC. That's the Middle Lane Owners Club. You know who you are. Now stop it and move out of my way.

Ten years from now I'd like to be summering on a yacht and wintering in the alps. We can all dream eh?

I admire Lance Armstrong. I am trying to master my new road bike. It's given me a whole new respect for those guys on the Tour de France. One word - Awesome!

Did you ever see a cat walk on tinfoil? Me neither.

It doesn't take more than 5 minutes to sponsor me for the Mazda London Traithlon 2009 - www.justgiving.com/rachaelhodges2

When I've finished this I'm off to swim like fish at the lido.

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  1. I once went cycling on the North California Moors. Never again. They made me wear a ugly hat that prevented me from touching my hair, and then I was chased by a cow.

    Well done that brave lady and good luck to her. I have no idea who she is, but her name seems familiar. Rachael...Rachael...where have I heard that before?

  2. double delight, an interview with the queen and the egotistical header has gone!! think that is more interesting than mine too, now have no excuse to forget to get my amex card out this week, thanks lee

  3. That took me 97 seconds, I want my money back.

  4. Bri BadgeOwner19 July 2009 at 15:35

    Good work.

  5. I didn't realise that Rachel Hodges was that Rachel Hodges, i'll have to pay more attention in future

  6. Jolly interesting interview. I particularly like the dig at Australia.

    I also like the new header 'researched, analysed and written' very multi-talented. How long before you add 'and commented on by Jennifer Aniston'?

  7. @Jen: You are starting to annoy me now.
    @Nick: Glad you're satisfied.
    @Anon: Your inability to read at the average speed is not my problem.
    @Bri BadgeOwner: Ta.
    @Matt: You will. Especially when it comes to spelling names correctly.
    @Simon: Agree. Never.

  8. I shall cease then. I think I was enjoying being Jennifer Aniston a little more than is healthy anyway.

  9. @Marc: It's not that. It's just that everytime I see Jen's name I think, 'Is it her? Is it really her?'. But it never is. It's you. It hurts.

  10. @Marc you mean you were commenting as Jennifer Aniston? I never guessed it was you.

  11. Shhuperb!!! that was rubbish wasn't it??!!!

  12. Really is becoming an important part of my sunday/monday this feature, nice work :-)

  13. Is this the girl on 5 live now? I love love love her voice!!!!

  14. That was great! Like this blog a lot! Keep it up!

  15. @Emily: There have been worse. There have been better.
    @Michael: Thanks, the people who are featured make it work though.
    @Anon: Possibly. Did she sound Welsh?
    @Anon: Thank you.

  16. Easily the best news reader on 5live. Also the best traffic news reader xx

  17. richard bacon would be lost without her shes brilliant

  18. @ jon - less satisfied that you appear all over the place when i search for rachael hodges on google, not that i have done that for at least 9 minutes, i don't understand how this blog is one of the most popular results on google when you search for something, like cows, you must teach me

  19. Sorry about that. I guess it depends partly on tags and partly on popularity. Believe it or not this blog is quite popular. Just ask Kim Jong-il.

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