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The more astute of you will have noticed it is Sunday. The very astute will have noticed it's 23:15 on Sunday. Yes, it's late. Very late.

'What is going on? Where is it?' I hear you ask. I know to many millions of you, reading this blog has become as much a part of your Sunday diet as roast dinner and cursing the ever nearing Monday morning. Every Sunday you know I'll be 'interviewing' some interesting guy or gal in the feature that has been described by some as 'bordering that line between sublime and rubbish'. I am of course talking about The Sunday Sixty. (I really am beginning to loath that name too).

So where is todays? That is a fair question. Well, to be blunt, there isn't one. I had some interesting people who were doing some interesting things lined up - but they've all let me down. Well, they've let us down really. This of course means that come next Sunday I'll have three to choose from. This will come as little comfort to you now as I have ruined your evening. So here is what I suggest you do instead. Throw darts at that photo you have of me on your wall and then watch Blur.

Hang in there with me. I promise this won't happen again.

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  1. My monitor is wall mounted and now it's broken, could this Sunday be any worse?

  2. We have your bicycle Lee. We will not return it until regular service has been resumed to our satisfaction.

  3. You are lucky I am not suffering from a sense of humour bypass.

  4. Look what you've done to me! I'm gonna sue!

  5. I'm so worried that I forgot to post this!


  6. Is 10 classed as a low count?

  7. In terms of sperm, yes. In terms of bicycles, no.

  8. Maybe I could do a part exchange. How much sperm is a bicycle worth exactly?