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I was quite enjoying Delia's Classic Christmas on BBC Two last night. Or at least I was up until a few minutes before the end. Suddenly, from almost nowhere, she started cooking something very odd indeed. In a matter of seconds, 99% of the population began to think Brussel Sprouts were actually quite an appealing option. Not me though. I've always loved them. I think I just love them even more now.

I am not entirely sure what alarms me more. The fact that Whippets take 18 minutes to cook or the fact that Delia knows they take 18 minutes to cook. Or is it the fact that Whippets are far tastier cool than hot? Or maybe that they go all crunchy?

Where did it all go so wrong Delia? Norwich?

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  1. That's eight times you've made me laugh today now. I believe that's a new record. I thought Mascarpone was the cheese you use to hide a horse, not a Yorkshire dog.

  2. Were those the little whippet legs she had dished up there???

  3. That crunch just sounds so wrong.

  4. I had just bought Delia Smith's Christmas recipes book (mostly cause it has gas marks like my new oven, which I just can't understand) but I shall never be able to look at the book in the same way again, let alone try a recipe!

  5. Very funny indeed. I'm beginning to love you a little. I hope that's allowed.

  6. @Marc: For you maybe. I once made a girl laugh 43 times in an hour during the 1988 Sussex Tickle Championships. I came 84th.
    @668: She has gone very Bear Grylls.
    @Ceci: Almost certainly. Beautiful presentation.
    @Sarah: You think that's bad, just imagine the noise if the whippet hadn't been cooked first.
    @Anon: I can only apologise for this. Perhaps you could read it upside down?
    @Anon: Thanks. That's very much allowed. In fact, if you are a woman, it's positively encouraged.

  7. i tried this recipe,it worked so well, although i do miss my whippet !