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They say, 'what you've never had, you never miss'. So I fully expect to wake up on Wednesday, look in the mirror and have a nervous breakdown. Tomorrow is December 1st, 2009, and so I will be picking up my razor and getting rid of the ginger fluff that has been adorning my face for the past 30 days. It wasn't always ginger mind, in fact up until November 8th it was positively dark and moody. Somehow though, it went a bit wrong and for the last 22 days it has been annoying the hell out of me. Turns out that trimming a moustache is a whole lot more frustrating than having a full shave everyday. Still, I suppose in some small way I am happy I have made it to the end. It was an experience and at least my pain and suffering has raised some money for the Prostate Cancer Charity.

So thanks to everyone who has sponsored me (even if it was in dozens of ten pence pieces which caused a hole to form in my wallet) and thanks to those who complimented my progress or just took it as another excuse to abuse me. Let's do it all again next year, yes?

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  1. I will miss the Mo. Congratulations on sticking with it though, even if it's ginger/mousey/strawberry blond.

  2. Thanks. The Mo will miss you too. Maybe I could send it to you?

  3. I'll miss the ginger lip-weasel. I'm also disappointed that there's no big hand in the picture.

  4. Maybe you could use photoshop to turn the moustache brown?

  5. @Marc: There is no hand in the picture for a very good reason.
    @Sarah: I could, but it would take hours and hours to photoshop each hair. There are dozens of the ginger gits.

  6. @Jon No thanks. Could get you some Just for Men though so you can dye it rather than Photoshop it?