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This is Johnny Jolly (no.97). He's a big lad. I discovered Mr Jolly whilst watching the NFL last night. He plays for the Green Bay Packers and had a half decent game - or at least he did until I fell asleep. (When I woke up England were getting thrashed by Australia in a ODI last week). Anyway, I was intrigued by Johnny Jolly. His first name - Johnny - is very much like Jonny, which some people call me on account of my name being Jonathan. His surname - Jolly - is the first word of my blog title. It stands to reason then that if I am to be intrigued by any Defensive End it is Johnny Jolly.

So, introductions out of the way, let me present Johnny Jolly Watch. Throughout the NFL season Jolly Interesting Stuff will be keeping an eye on Mr Jolly's work. And his tattoos. And the seemingly ongoing investigation into his arrest for possession of codeine. 200g of it. Sources reveal that Police are awaiting a new measuring device that will be able to determine exactly how much codeine Mr Jolly had about his person. Apparently a ruler just doesn't get the job done. So, I think you'll agree, this is going to be a fascinating 17 weeks.

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  1. brilliant...i watched the game last night but didn't see johnny jolly with this...must have been some derren brown misdirection trick on your part...well done

  2. Jolly Interesting Stuff's Johnny Jolly Watch, Jon? This isn't Derren Brown. Where is Derren Brown? (he told me to ask that).

  3. It was Derren Brown week last week. Keep up Marc.