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Jolly Interesting Stuff is a year old this week. Over 135,000 of you have dropped by at one time or another. Sixteen of you have even revisited. Thanks. I'm going to take a break for a month or so now. A number of things need sorting out and I think it's only fair that I don't give you half-hearted posts - as I have been inclined to do in the last month or so. (There is also the fact that my Mac has been taken from me and I hate PCs).

In the meantime, let me point you in the direction of Tom Billinghurst's blog. Tom and I attended the same cricket academy in Perth in 2006. He had this annoying habit of knocking my stumps over. The muppet. The one thing I was better than him at though, was, I thought, writing. Well, it turns out this may no longer be the case. It is well worth the read. And just in case you think I am being biased, I am not. Bob Massie was the bowling coach at the academy. I have never told you about his blog for a reason.

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  1. A break for a month?!! No!! That is too long. Come back !!

  2. I agree with Ms. M..
    A calendar month without the subtle yet effervescent wit of Jon Lee in my life is 28-31 days too many

  3. 7 Reasons alone will have to take care of my Lee needs now.