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I wasn't really sure how to react when my friend Sarah said, 'You should write a sitcom?'. Do I laugh? Do I say, 'Huh'? Do I snog her? What is the correct etiquette? In the end I did none of these. I just said, 'Okay' and shrugged my shoulders. It kind of covered all bases. Then we moved on to talk about the virtues of bringing Motown back to Fulham. It has always been a mission of mine. Well since I moved here eight months ago anyway. Any thoughts of sitcom writing were well and truly banished. That was until I tripped over the corner of a fence outside Parson's Green tube station and was laughed at by two people and a dog.

Back home I logged into Twitter - as I have a disturbing habit of doing everytime I venture within the confides of my homely walls. 'I think I am going to write a sitcom', I typed before pressing enter. What would people say? I didn't have to wait very long. The first to reply was @MarcFearns. He wanted to know the scenario. Ah. I couldn't really answer that. @Bri_Standby thought it should be about twitter and in-particular about him. @kennedyfactor was of the opinion that I should base it on his camel racing team. Both stupid ideas but it was all good. At least no one was suggesting I was deluded. @cecimasters did voice an opinion that canned laughter might have to be used but I ignored her. I think she's from the North. The debate continued and with every idea flying back and forth I found that I was going absolutely...no where. So bad was it that @xenon21 decided it should involve the killing off of @kennedyfactor.

So, that was a week ago. I suppose you now want to know the situation? I guess you want to know the name of my characters and the colour of their hair? I guess you want to know if it is for TV or radio? I guess you want a sneak peak of the first script?

Do you mind waiting a bit longer? It's not going so well.

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  1. i'm telling you, camel racing is the way to go