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Brian McIntosh is a London based researcher originally from Fife.

Have I caught you at a good time? 
Yes, just winding down after a hard week. Roll on Bank Holiday Monday.

So what's your usual Sunday routine? Wake up. Coffee. Marlboro light. Into town for breakfast. Observer. Rubbish telly. Dinner. Rubbish telly. Ironing. Sleep.

Five years ago did you think you'd be where you are now? Yes and no. I never expected it but at the same time I feel I was meant to end up here.

Where will you be in five years? I would love to have tried living in either Canada or Australia. That's the masterplan.

What's your motto in life? You only get one chance so enjoy it.

I have 24 hours in your hometown. What should I do? Fife. Arm yourself and prepare for battle. If said battles don't materialise then I suggest a walk along the coast. There really isn't much to do there.

You've got thirty minutes in the kitchen. What are you going to knock up? Gammon and leek bake. It's delicious and one of my 'Come Dine With Me' dishes.

You've just won £10 on the lottery. Spend or save? Spend without guilt.

What can't your friends/family understand about you? My friend's can't understand my hometown accent. My family can't understand my dislike for small town mentalities.

What are you currently obsessed with? Twitter. V+. The pain in my toe.

What should we all be doing more of? Speaking up, speaking out and speaking loud. 

And finally, when you go to bed tonight, are you looking forward to Monday morning? As it's a Bank Holiday, yes. But normally whilst I would prefer not to see Monday morning I'll always wake up at 6.45.

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  1. i must try your sunday routine bri!!!