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Nicholas Kennedy, 28, is a self-employed Architectural Consultant from New York. He currently works and resides in Dubai.

Have I caught you at a good time? Yeah, I'm just cooking my dinner and need something more interesting to do than stir rice.

So what's your usual Sunday routine? Sunday is a working day in the UAE so work, but I get distracted with the all the sport that's going on around the world and find myself catching up on stuff through the rest of the week.

Five years ago did you think you'd be where you are now? I knew I'd be an architect but I never thought I'd be in Dubai.

Where will you be in five years? In New York with my wife, Amber, and maybe even a Kennedy Jr. I'll still be an architect but the aim is to run my own business, it'll probably be in start-up stage.

What's your motto in life? You can if you think you can.

I have 24 hours in your hometown. What should I do? New York. Watch sunrise over Manhattan, breakfast in Good Enough To Eat, visit Little Italy, Times Square, Grand Central Station, walk over Brooklyn Bridge, buy a few ales at the Brooklyn Brewery, catch the Staten Island ferry, watch the Mets play at Shea Stadium and finish night in Blue Note Jazz Club drinking whiskey.

You've got thirty minutes in the kitchen. What are you going to knock up? I'll fry up some chicken and do some stuffed peppers with potato wedges and maybe a chocolate mousse for afters. I can hold my own in the kitchen.

You've just won £10 on the lottery. Spend or save? Invest it in my camel racing team - Kennedy Camel Racing.

What can't your friends/family understand about you? The fact that I buy and collect old wireless radios and my job involves making models out of spaghetti.

What are you currently obsessed with? Twitter & Sandboarding.

What should we all be doing more of? Listening to BBC radio. No adverts and interesting debates.

And finally, when you go to bed tonight, are you looking forward to Monday morning? Yes. One day closer to being back home.

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