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There was once a man who looked very sad. 
That man was Jonathan Pitt and he had just been humiliated on both tennis and squash courts. 
By me. 
For the first time. Ever. 

You will only be more impressed when I tell you that Mr. Pitt is a former Kent County tennis star, a former South-East England squash legend and a relative of Mr. Brad Pitt - who, rumour has it, is also very good with a racket in hand. And what am I? Well, I'll tell you what I am not. I am not a relative of Brad Pitt. I'm not even on texting terms with Brad Pitt. The odds have always been against me. 

Yesterday though. Yesterday, I came through. I came through because I knew I had to. I came though because my new tennis racket was bloody expensive and I wanted value for money. I came through because I was more accomplished in the windy conditions. I came through because I hit the squash ball at funny angles. But most importantly, I came through because of you. Do you know what I was thinking of when it was match-point in the tennis? You. And in the squash? Yes you. 

In the words of S Club 7, "You are all I need to get me through (get me through now baby). Ooooh."

I thank you.

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  1. I guess I have to concede that the better player won on the day! Yes, I'm actually admitting that I was outplayed at something for once!

    I'm now undergoing a harsh training regime of pizza, beer and full English buffet breakfasts at Warwick ready for the rematch which I'm expecting in 2011.

  2. Don't do that Jon. I never said that. I always suggested you were lucky. Which you usually were!