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I got the most extraordinary email this morning from the Head Boy of one of my old schools - Colstons. He is making a video montage featuring previous school attendees who have 'gone on to achieve great things'. He had earmarked me as one such person. At first I thought it was a wind-up but on further inspection it looks genuine. I'm not really sure what this says. If I am the pinnacle of Colstons achievers then there is something very, very wrong. Naturally I began wondering why I was perceived to have achieved great things. Eight hours on I am still wondering. There is a rumour circulating that I once dated Sandra Bullock but this has yet to leave my imagination.

So, I would love for someone to tell me why they think I'm so great. I'm going to slip into egotistical mode for a mere 24 hour period and ask you to feed me. Off you go.

PS: Those breasts do not belong to me. Neither does the t-shirt.

EDIT: The Ego Shop is now closed. Thanks to all one of you that helped me.

EDIT 2: I am seen as someone who has achieved great things because 'achievement is only defined by ourselves and because I can show others that the world is our oyster'. Words spoken by Colstons Head Boy, Paul Creek. He's a man with a great future. As a result I SHALL be montaging myself in a video.

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  1. Just because I couldn't allow your ego to go unfed when Bacon gets hours of it each day. Oh, that and the fact that your invention of radio and facebook games makes you far more creative.

  2. That's the stuff. Can still fit through the doorframe though so keep it coming.