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Each time I serve up this point of view, I am immediately called for faulting. I will not be deterred though. I am absolutely convinced that Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova is the exact double of former Grand Slam supremo Steffi Graf. I mean just look at them. Why is it that no one can see what I can? How is it possible?

So here is what I plan to do. Get them to play each other. Live on TV. There won't be the usual names and scores in the top left hand corner of the screen though. You'll have to guess who is who. Then you'll see. You'll all see. You'll. See. That. I. Am. Right.

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  1. Actually you might be on to something there. When I first looked at this page I thought "which is which?". Obviously there's an age difference but...

  2. I knew someone had to be with me. You get the names on your TV.

  3. Graf would destroy Kuznetsova.

  4. That would be one way of telling who was who, I grant you.