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This probably won't make sense until you have read Part One and Part Two.

I'm getting worried. It's been nearly 48 hours. Surely Julia would have been in touch by now. She has never left it this long before. Is she playing hard to get? Has she gone off me? Has she gone looking for chops? So many questions. So few answers.

It's not the first time a girl has left me hanging, so I can cope. It's just I thought she was the one, you know. The special one. Her timing was right. Her ambition was right. Her money was right. I couldn't have asked for much more. I don't want to lose her. Not after we became so close. Maybe I'll have to go and find her. As Rick Astley said, 'Don't stop me falling, it's destiny calling, a power I just can't deny. It's never changing, can't you hear me, I'm saying, I want you for the rest of my life'.

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  1. Perhaps she has tired of you. Perhaps her head has been turned. Have you considered that a handsome American may be trying to woo her with chocolate and nylons? I don't think that watching six episodes of Secret Army yesterday has been good for me.

  2. I don't think Kennedy would do that to me.