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I love Kevin Pietersen. I do think I am privileged to be alive when such a talent is gracing the cricket scene. It's not very often it happens, but he makes me look very average. Except today. Today is the day when he created history for all the wrong reasons. What a complete plank.

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  1. It's lucky he was wearing a helmet, it could have touched his hair.

  2. I don't understand being such a naturally talented player he always tries to play towards the mid wicket region . I can tell you that this man has the ability of playing unbelievable shots of the cover of the deliveries which he is always trying to play over that midwicket region.He has a such a nice stance in the crease that he is able to play any type of ball.

  3. Who knows? It is one of life's great frustrations. Will be a shame if he doesn't become the great batsman his talent should make him.