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Another week, another piece of propaganda (via the large owl). I have no idea what the large owl is actually about. But I don't think the owl does either.

Oh, and mine is her on the right. Obviously. I wonder what she has in her bucket?

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  1. I'm not sure what she has in her bucket, perhaps she is collecting words for you. She's no Jennifer Aniston though.

  2. Much as I like this picture and the plucky ladies in it I feel that it is my duty to bring the date to your attention. Today's date is Monday the tenth of August. This picture was posted on Friday the seventh of August. A Sunday has occurred between the posting of this picture and today; strangely however, there has been no Sunday Sixty (or whatever it is called now).

    What, I ask myself, would happen if we all forgot Sunday? For me it is the busiest day of the working week and if I were as casual with my Sunday obligations as you are with yours then Canterbury would become godless.

    I like the Sunday Sixty Jonathan, I like to read it whist having my boiled egg and soldiers before the evening service. I will do a deal with you. If you agree to post The Sunday Sixty on a regular basis then I will continue to minister my diocese on a regular basis.

    Your obligation is clear Jonathan. Post the Sunday Sixty or Canterbury will be bedevilled by...er...the devil.

  3. Sorry pal. All my efforts are currently going into finishing my book. The SS will return. Just like James Bond always does.

  4. Mr Lee, I rose this morning to discover a plague of locusts busy devouring my hops. A little after lunchtime a lake of fire appeared outside the Bluewater Shopping Centre into which most of the customers were thrown. My brother in Orpington's dog has been driven to bark incessantly all day by the presence of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and this evening - instead of watching Poirot as we had planned - my wife and I have been entertaining the Prince of Tyre in our dining room - unbearable fellow, he cheated at both Canasta and Pictionary before eating our cat.

    I am led to believe that you are responsible for this, what do you intend to do about it?

  5. 'My brother in Orpington's dog'? Does Orpington have a town dog that everyone can get in? Or is it only open to brothers? Quite extraordinary.

    And in answer to your question: 'Not a lot at the moment. Thanks.'

  6. Mr Lee, I positioned the apostrophe there as the dog belongs to a man named as "my brother in Orpington". This is a quite acceptable use of the singular possessive apostrophe.

    I'd love to correspond with you further about the nuances of punctuation but I have to go now as a sulphurous rain has caused the roof of my oast-house to catch fire.

  7. Surely 'my brother in Orpington' should be 'My Brother In Orpington' then?

  8. That would make more sense, yes. Correct use of apostrophe; horrific use of capitalization. I can only imagine that I was distracted by the half man, half goat creatures that are eating the hydrangeas.