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Have I caught you at a good time? Sure. We're just watching a Mark Ramprakash batting masterclass.

So what's your usual Sunday routine? Beating the Aussies. Winning the Ashes. Having a beer. In the ice bath.

Five years ago did you think you'd be where you are now? Yes. Well, all of us except Ravi Bop.

Where will you be in five years? Some of us will have retired. Some of us will have just beaten Pakistan by six wickets. Ian Bell will be trying to nail that number three spot.

What's your motto in life? Scare the living daylights out of England supporters the world over. Then win.

I have 24 hours in your hometown. What should I do? Our home town is England. You should go to every County Cricket ground and buy a scorecard for 50p. At the interval you should run onto the field and get your scorecard signed by someone who will be working in accountancy in three years. Or even better, one of the players.

You've got thirty minutes in the kitchen. What are you going to knock up? We're not. We have a Cook.

You've just won £10 on the lottery. Spend or save? We'll put it towards paying for the repairs to the replica Urn Freddie just sat on.

What can't your friends/family understand about you? How we always get green stains on our whites even though we haven't dived around in the field.

What are you currently obsessed with? MBEs, OBEs, Knighthoods, Open Top Buses, Ruth Strauss.

What should we all be doing more of? Talking to Aggers, Nasser and Athers.

And finally, when you go to bed tonight, are you looking forward to Monday morning? Bed?

NB: Most of these questions were asked when they were inebriated.

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  1. This is the best Sunday Sixty thing ever. The residents of Kent might even begin to forgive you. Did they mean to say that they have a cook, or that they have a Cook? In the latter case, you can be sure that the food will be lean, and will not give you the runs.

  2. You're forgetting Horatio. He was good. I obviously meant Cook as it served a great purpose in being amusing. Sadly, my inability to use a capital letter meant you could not enjoy it as you should. Sorry about that.

  3. That's okay, at the moment I'm enjoying everything.