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Ali Bajwa
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  1. Not quite, it's still lacking a cover and a binding. I know. I've seen several books.

  2. First page looks good. Can we have a picture of the second too as I'm getting quite into it?

  3. @Marc: Well spotted.
    @Sarah: My only problem with that is where will it stop? Are you going to then ask for a copy of the third page and then the mind-blowing fourth and then the incredible fifth?

  4. This is very helpful. I've been studying comparative equations recently. Yesterday I learnt the strength of an Ox, now I know the length of a book.

  5. Yes, I probably will. When do we get to see the finished article?

  6. @Simon: Remember there is also the equation, 1/2 x 2.
    @Sarah: 400 Days. At a guess.