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Derren Brown on Vimeo.

I know Derren Brown is controlling me. He is the reason I had a Cornish Pasty for lunch and not for dinner. He is the reason I am writing this instead of doing something slightly more important. He is also the reason I have spent all day trying to analyse the above trailer. Now, if you don't want to dabble with the power of the mind and end up like me, don't read on.

I have no idea whether there are clues in this trailer or whether I am being made to look stupid. But I have no qualms if the latter is true. (I performed the Riverdance in a pub on Saturday night for goodness sake). Over the next for weeks Derren Brown is back on our TV screens with a series of shows called, 'The Events'. Tonight's (9th September 2009) sees him predict the National Lottery. He's going to try and get 5 of the 6 numbers correct. Now, I have no idea whether he is genuinely going to predict the Lotto numbers or whether it is something obscure, like predicting the number of winners having already subconsciously seeped the winning numbers into our minds via the trailer. I don't care, I am going to have to watch it. Because it's what he's telling me to do.

What I do know having watched the trailer 751 times is this. A bus goes along behind him with the words 'It Will Be You' and a red 'thumbs-up' Lottery logo on the T-side. When Derren reaches the middle of the road there are five numbers stuck to the traffic light post. 6, 25 and 47 are clearly visible. The other two look like 10 and 22. Though it could be 32 or it could be just 2. Then, just before Derren gets squashed by the lorry, there is a number 21 bus. So are the numbers 6, 10, 21, 22, 25 & 47? Well, they better be. Otherwise my new tattoo is going to look very stupid.

There are a few other things going on. A silver Corsa 'reverses' down the far side of the road. All the people are in 'reverse', except one woman on the far pavement - who walks in 'reverse' until Derren reaches the middle of the road and then can be seen walking forwards near the end of the trailer. There are also ads to retsehcnamdetinu.com and stucktomysofa.com. Both holding pages that link to his Channel 4 site. And finally the truck has the name 'Red & Black'. All clues about the forthcoming Events or just Brown making me go mad?

I think you'll agree that it's all very interesting though. And now you've read this you will watch it. You WILL watch it. I may be back tomorrow or if I am still being controlled by the Brownster, as I feel the sudden urge to call him, I may be involved in a Casino heist. So watch the news.

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  2. I bet he cost you more than £6 too?

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