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Whoever switched Gordon Brown's iPod to shuffle mode needs to be shot. There it was, backstage, all set up and ready to play The Beatles' I Am The Walrus at the end of the Prime Minister's Labour Conference speech, when someone came along and fiddled with it. If I was Gordon Brown and someone came along and fiddled with my iPod I would be furious. (Though that may have more to do with the fact that I had just discovered I was Gordon Brown than anything else). But I digress. I know someone fiddled with Gordon Brown's iPod because who, in their right mind, would play Moving On Up by M People as they walked off the stage having just tried - and failed - to save their job? Anyone with ears - and Gordon Brown has two - knows that the lyrics to that song start with the following:

You've done me wrong, Your time is up, You took a sip, From the devil's cup.

If the first two lines aren't enough to convince you that it's a bad choice of song, it goes on to reference Peter Mandelson. You just wouldn't play this song if you had a full deck. It's incredibly poor planning from Brown. Where was his iPod security guard? If you fail to prepare Gordon, you prepare to fail. You failed.

You just watch David Cameron next week. He won't make such a schoolboy error (and nor should he being an Eton boy). I guarantee he'll have planned for such an eventuality. He'll have gone out, bought a new iPod, wiped the sample songs and then uploaded his one song. The one song he wants, as he stands on that stage, taking the applause and cutting some shapes. Effiel 65's Blue.

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