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Statistics never lie. Estimates probably do though. The BBC gets 35,000,000 hits per month apparently. I get the small matter of 120,370,000. Strange that so few of you comment then.

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Ali Bajwa
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  1. We're all usually stunned into silence by your erudition and wit.

    Though the last 47 times I tried to comment I got an 'operation aborted' error message. Maybe I wasn't amusing enough.

  2. I'm very sorry about that Simon. Although you are correct in your suspicions. There is a 'Hilarity Level' you must rise above with or else your comments just won't get through customs. I shall do a bit of tinkering and lower the level for you. Okay?

  3. Thanks Jonathan, as long as you're not using the Bri-o-meter to set the hilarity level.