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Next week: Stephen Fry.

You can hear Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5Live, Monday-Thursday 10pm-1am. He's quite good. He's even better when Rachael Hodges is on with him though.

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  1. I have never heard the words "Jonathan" and "Lee" used as many times as they were on Richard Bacon's programme last night. I suspect that Jonathan Lee hasn't either. I think that if Jonathan Lee purchased a Macaw and taught it to say "Jonathan Lee" in response to hearing the name Jonathan Lee and took it to the meet and greet session at a convention of people named Jonathan Lee who also had similarly cognitively trained avians he still wouldn't hear the words "Jonathan" and "Lee" as many times as I did last night.

    Still, well done Jonathan Lee, the piece that Jonathan Lee wrote was excellent. It's good to see Jonathan Lee getting some recognition, and some publicity for his blog, Jolly Interesting Stuff with Jonathan Lee.

  2. I know. It makes me sick.
    You should do a blog Marc. That could be your first post. The stuff above. Not me being sick. No one wants to see that.

  3. I could call it Jolly Interesting Stuff without Jonathan Lee.

  4. Sometimes the most ridiculous ideas create something words can not describe. Like my parents decision to try for a baby.