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Sorry, it's been a pretty quiet ten days on here hasn't it? I don't expect to keep your attention by uploading photos of my birthday cake and severe facial burn, so you'll be pleased to know that this is my latest blog post. (The birthday cake and the severe facial burn are unrelated by the way).

As with most things Jonathan Lee, there is a reason. A reason why I have been lacking on the old 'updating of blog' front. In fact, there are a few reasons. Some more important than others. Some more interesting than others. I'll stick to the jolly interesting ones.

So, in at number one is my newly discovered desire to become a triathlete. I have often fancied myself as something of an all round sporting talent. If there was a competition that involved every sport going, I would probably win quite comfortably. And still have time to blog. Sadly there is no such competition. The closest thing to it is the Decathlon but I lack the pole that one requires to vault with. So to triathlon it is that I am turning. My first worry was what I would look like in a wetsuit. I needn't have sweated over it quite so much. Pretty damn fine is the general consensus. So with that disaster handsomely avoided I see no reason why London 2012 should not be a target.

Numero deux (number two), is that I have embarked on a new writing project for the summer. I am keeping it under wraps for now while I try and persuade some nice people to back it, but it won't be long before you find out what it comprises. No, it doesn't involve Richard Bacon.

And finally, I have been somewhat pre-occupied with Tom Cruise. Is it me or are 'Top Gun' and 'Days of Thunder' exactly the same film? They have just swapped F-14's for stock cars and Kelly McGillis for Nicole Kidman. Clever.

Right, that'll do for now. I'm off for a good peel.

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  1. "My first worry was what I would look like in a wetsuit"

    "Wound and wound the wugged wock the wascally wabbit wan."

    Is it me or is that the same sentence with Jonathan Lee swapped for Elmer Fudd?

    Well done on the long overdue blog. I await the new project with interest and look forward to your next blog update in 2012.

  2. Days of Thunder has got Nicole Kidman in it, and is therefore the inferior film.