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Thanks to comedian, Northerner and new twitter addict, Lee Mack, I have had a 3.3% rise in visitors this afternoon. Ironically, you arrive on the one day I write something serious - unsurprisingly about the BNP. This, I am pleased to say, is not a regular occurrence. Life is too short to be serious on blogs I find. And certainly too short to be writing about the BNP

So fear not. Before you know it I will be back putting a frivolous spin on the most mundane of topics. Stick around, say hello and be nice to each other. Or go and buy tickets for Lee Mack's new tour. (One good deed should be reciprocated I guess).

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  1. Good idea mentioning Lee Mack and so getting readers to your blog...I am watching and learning. However, if it's not too rude, can you tell me how to find Lee Mack on Twitter. The only Lee Mack who comes up is a Californian, who, obviously sick of tweets telling him how funny he was on last night's "Live at the Apollo", has blocked himself. No sense of humour, the Americans. Pls respond via twitter...@catmaryn

  2. That's not exactly what happened! I was done by a fake Lee Mack.

  3. can anyone tell me where lee mack got his red shirt from worn on on the comics choice 17th january (the one with Bill Bailey)