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I have mentioned it briefly before, but now it's time to really get stuck into it. Over the last month I have grown to cringe at the name Sunday Sixty. I don't know why, but I have. It rips me apart at the seams. So, I want to change it. And I would like some help. I have had a few suggestions already and you can see them in the poll on the right. Please vote or if you don't like any of the options (more than likely) then suggest an alternative in the comments section below. I will reward the generator of the chosen name heavily. Merci.

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  1. End the week with Jonathan Lee

    Talk to Lee

    Quite Interesting People with Jonathan Lee

    Cuppa & Chat (on the basis that it’s the right length for a tea break, and your interviews with people are like you’re sitting down having a cup of tea and a chat)

    Those are really rubbish. I’m sorry.

  2. Jonathan, here are a few ideas I thought up in the make up chair before filming this morning.

    Jolly Interview Stuff with ...(name of interviewee)

    Lee's Sunday Person

    The Sunday thing to read once you've finished Clarkson, Winner, and Mrs Mills

    Lee's Temporary Friend

    Knowing Lee, Knowing You. (Aha!)

    Hope these help. Off to walk my whippet now, Jen(one n).

  3. Thanks Jen. I like two of those. The Sunday thing to do... & Lee's Temporary Friend. Sure I have heard the latter before though. I'll have a think. I am postponing this weeks until I have it just right.

  4. Well, don't leave it too long Jonathan. I rely upon the Sunday Sixty to relieve the boredom of Sundays amongst the dark, satanic mills of Los Angeles.