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I have been challenged to a Wii Tennis Match. A huge mistake on his part. He might be sponsored by Irn Bru, but my serve is bigger than A-Rod's. No contest.

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  1. AMAZING hang time!!!

  2. Wii Tennis Pro Champ3 August 2009 at 17:22

    That made me laugh. Seriously. I will still kick your arse though. I look forward to a gracious loser speech video when the time comes ;-)

  3. DUDE! dude dude dude, if you cock up tomorrow cos youve been doing this you only have urself to blame, i will also kill you!!

  4. @Emily: Not my first time.
    @Wii Tennis Pro Champ: You spelt 'Chump' incorrectly.
    @Nick: Why? What was I supposed to be doing today?

  5. How to serve like Roddick: http://bit.ly/oCtMF

  6. Thanks Sarah that was very interesting. Though it only goes to show that our serve is identical. I also applaud you for finding a picture of ARod with his top off. That must have been difficult.