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It is hard to explain how utterly delicious, how utterly contented, how utterly at peace I feel. I would love to be able to bottle this feeling. To be able to go back to it whenever I felt the need. But this is sport. And so to experience incredible highs you must experience incredible lows. To bottle the feelings of today I would have to bottle those I felt after Adelaide in '06. And I never want to feel like that again. But I almost certainly will. And we will. Which is why today, tomorrow, this week, you will see millions of us cherishing the moment. And millions of us will be basking in the glow of Andrew Strauss' smile. It's a beautiful place to be.

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Ali Bajwa
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  1. Did you know that Andrew Strauss' smile and words are now on Twitter? @SirStraussy. He likes sticks.

  2. Damn. I wish I new how to put links into names properly.

  3. Jonathan, I was rather disturbed to read that you feel delicious. Given the circumstances of an Ashes victory I think that you can be forgiven but it was close.

  4. I couldn't really put into words how I felt. How I still feel. Delicious was the best I could come up with.