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One thing you may not know about me is that I mucked around in advertising for a few years. (Another is that my lamp could do with a light dusting). I am sure you have worked this out for yourself, but, when creating an advert, the best thing you can do is emphasize the service or product's Unique Selling Point. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to write the words on an ad for a cricket academy, but if I had I would have almost certainly focused on the location or the coaching or the fact that you share a changing room with the netball squad. What I wouldn't have done...is this.

Epic fail. They even missed out an apostrophe and the word the.

Incidentally, I went to a cricket academy in Perth. The ACE Academy. They advertise themselves as, 'The World's Finest Cricket Academy'. It worked for me.

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  1. Synchronicity fail, or should that be win? At least yours is original. Mine was posted from my sick bed and contains no original thought whatsoever. Perhaps I should have gone back to New Zealand, thus avoiding sickness and grammar.

    Strange that Facebook advertising wants you to brush up on your cricket skills. It usually invites me to "rate a hottie" and shows me pictures of girls with improbable bosoms.

    My next blog post will be about a stupid restaurant reviewer and their inability to use the English language, by the way. Is Sunday afternoon good for you?

  2. It's hard being a genius all the time, Marc - I know. So sometimes it feels nice to kick back and rip something from another site. I have done it at least once.

    I too am regularly asked to 'rate a hottie', but I find telling them that they have evil eyes is a good way of getting rid of them.

    Sunday afternoon sounds good. Just make sure it's before the Grand Prix.

  3. Because after the Grand Prix, result permitting, you'll be inserting your monocle, donning your best dinner jacket and setting your top hat at a jaunty angle before heading off for the evening in a champagne whirl of neon signs and dancing girls, presumably.

  4. Jon,
    Do you need a proofreader to spot that you should have inserted 'you' between sure and have in the second line? Perhaps you were distracted by a passing hottie with evil eyes.

  5. @Marc: I would have done, but instead I went to bed. There is always next week.
    @Simon: I did. Thanks.