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From 7 Reasons comes this picture. It looks like me. But it isn't me. Anyone know who it is? It has 'book sequel' written all over it.

Edit: In fact, I am so sure this looks like me I am going to post it to my facebook profile and see if anyone picks up on it or not.

Edit 2: It took 42 seconds before someone commented 'This isn't you is it?' #Experimentfail

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  1. ha ha!! see what that guy has done now!!! until i saw his comment i thought it was you if it helps!!!

  2. When I found it I did a double take. I briefly considered - and rejected - photoshopping a birthmark on before uploading it. I might be tempted to add a ginger moustache now though.

  3. Re: the moustache. For all I know you have. The mug is in the way. Good thinking on the birthmark. I may start airbrushing mine out and commit some crimes.

  4. Jonathan, you're a lot slimmer. This chap is quite chunky.