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You may have noticed that I wasn't around much last week. There was speculation that this was because I was having a moustache transplant. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was actually looking at bus timetables and playing with my stopwatch. I can't go into too many details, but next year, probably in April, I will be attempting to catch 100 London buses. In one night. Just to get home. Call me intuitive, but you are probably wondering why? This is the bit I can't tell you just yet. So I would ask you to bear with me for a few weeks. Or just get me very drunk.

Oh. I might need 99 people to help me. Especially ones with Oyster Cards. Yes, I thought that would interest you.

If you are on facebook, you can keep up with it all here.

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  1. Sounds very intriguing. Yesterday some random people in Birmingham did a circuit on the number 11 bus, clockwise or anticlockwise (it's the longest bus route in Europe) taking them 2 and a half hours roughly, all because it was 11/11. They had an 11 hour time gap to do it in. Last year they spent 11 hours on the number 11 bus!

  2. I heard something about that. Buses are brilliant things.

  3. http://elevenbus.co.uk/ - here's the website.

  4. Thanks Rachel. That's great. I shall be getting in touch with that guy.

  5. From one Jon to another...

    I live right by one of the stops on that bus route, on the south side of it.

  6. Is that a pleas for someone to come and visit you? Just give out your address!

  7. Nope, just stating a fact, and you have my address already, thicko.