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On New Year's Day you may remember I told you to follow the Dream Racer blog. I hope you did because it was a great read; conveying hope and despair and joy and pain. All on a daily basis. Just to achieve a dream. Last week - against the odds - they completed the race. Yes, it sounds like a cliché, but there is nothing wrong with that. Clichés happen. And I make no apologies for being a romantic. To me there is nothing greater than to achieve when everything is stacked against you. (Which is probably why I have decided to make a new film - 'Alex Bogdanovic: My Quest For The 2010 Wimbledon Title'). Above you can see a quick montage of some of the Dream Racer footage. Lifting your bike up when you have torn triceps and an injured back is an overrated pursuit.

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  1. Ouch!!!! That looked painful :/

  2. Jonathan, how would you like to write for us on your experiences of being in Denmark? Will be good to hear from you.