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I know what you're thinking, "The Norwegians think Jon's gay too?". (I have added the question mark for my own sanity). Thankfully, this time, your understanding of foreign languages has let you down. You are only good with the Japanese. That's if you actually tried to translate the title. Maybe it was just one of your long-held beliefs. In which case, not only are you wrong, but I would also like to know which post was responsible for making you believe such a thing? For someone who plans to get engaged on New Year's Eve - to a woman- this kind of thing is more than a little important. Anyway, that's enough about me for one paragraph. Melk Styrker Kroppen actually means, Milk For A Stronger Body. Unless you enter it into Google Translate in which case it comes out as, Milk Fail Body. I can only assume something has been lost in translation. A bit like Jodie Marsh. Basically, what I am trying to say, in a sort of round about way, is that I like watching people fall over. To music.

Ignore the lyric, 'The Company Was Gay'. I have never entertained the idea of sleeping with a pub darts team.

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  1. Some facts that you may not know about Jon:

    Jon is so heterosexual that San Francisco doesn't appear on his map of America.

    Jon is so heterosexual that the colour pink turns blue in his presence.

    Jon is so heterosexual that he has a higher apostrophe count than the average man.

    Jon is so heterosexual that his hair oozes ginger.

    Jon is so heterosexual that Alan Carr is inaudible to him.

    Jon is so heterosexual that horses menstruate when they see him (even male ones).

    Jon is so heterosexual that the voice in his head is Jeremy Clarkson.

    Jon is so heterosexual that the Village People turn into Status Quo in his presence.

    Does this help, Jon?

  2. It's disappointing that you had to mention Jeremy Clarkson and ginger but it is certainly a start. Thanks.

  3. What do the Italians think? Please find out for I would like to know.

    Also, does anyone else think that the weightlifter in the first video looks like Nick Frost?

  4. When discussing heterosexuality, mention of Jeremy Clarkson is compulsory. Jeremy Clarkson is the most heterosexual person in the world, except for his wife.

    The reference to ginger hair was entirely gratuitous.

    The weightlifter looks like a strange Nick Frost/Ricky Tomlinson hybrid. It's good to see athletes wearing spectacles.

  5. @Sarah: I am on the case.

    @Marc: 7 Reasons Athletes Should Wear Glasses.

  6. 1. Jon is so heterosexual that everyone becomes short sighted.

    2. Jon is so heterosexual that the depth perception of pole vaulters is affected. On the plus side, however, they are able to vault without artificial poles.

    3. Jon is so heterosexual that athletes need eye protection from fluids.

    4. Jon is so heterosexual that athletes can't look directly at him without gaining an unfair performance advantage.

    5. Jon is so heterosexual that athletes need to look plain, or they will become pregnant when he sees them on television.

    6. Jon is so heterosexual that the sun burns 50% brighter than normal when he spots a shapely thigh - causing athletes to wear sun-glasses.

    7. Jon is so heterosexual that everybody else, in comparison, is Dame Edna Everage.

  7. Your talent is wasted in the comments section Marc.

  8. Jonathan, how would you like to write for us on your experiences of being in Denmark? Will be good to hear from you.