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Way back in 2009 you may remember me mentioning something called One Night, One Hundred Buses. I can't remember exactly what I said, but it can't have been much when you consider that back then I didn't really know what I was talking about. Not because I was on drugs or anything like that, I just didn't have the facts to hand. Now I do. Sort of. Between dusk on Monday 12th April and dawn on Tuesday 13th April 2010, I, along with one cameraman, one certified representative of Guinness World Records and one tea-lady, will be attempting to catch 100 London buses.

Let's start by answering what I imagine will be a popular question, "Why?" Well the answer to this lies in advertising. Just over a year ago I was working on ideas for a Transport For London campaign with a particular emphasis on getting people to use buses more. The way I saw it, the one thing buses had going for them was that there were bloody millions of the things. Oh, and they ran at night. That was about it. So one of my ideas - in very simple terms - was a competition. A competition that would create a buzz. A competition that would challenge people to catch as many buses as they could in a single 24 hour period. A competition that would mean the tubes were empty and I would have an enjoyable trip home. It wouldn't have been hard to monitor either, as Oyster cards record all that data. Anyway, some liked it, most thought I was mental. Probably those that actually caught the bus. In the end I expect they went for a poster that said, 'Catch The Bus!'. I really couldn't care less.

So, I was left with the idea. And now I want to prove it would have worked.

Using a little bit of common sense, I have tweaked the concept slightly. Twenty-four hours is a long time - it's pretty much a day in some places - so I have more than halved it. I think you'll agree that One Night, One Hundred Buses sounds much better than One Day, Two Hundred Buses. It is also sounds like much less work. So that's the first thing. The second thing is that there is no world record out there for 'the number of buses caught in a single night'. By 8am on Tuesday 13th April, there will be. And it will belong to me. (So long as there isn't a strike). In theory it will also belong to my cameraman given that he will be with me throughout proceedings getting the footage that will turn this baby into a film. But we'll gloss over that for now. I am doing all the planning after all. He is just going to be standing there holding a bit of expensive camera equipment.

By the night of the challenge we will all be aware of the rules and regulations I have to adhere to. Because I will have told you about twenty times. To reward your loyalty though, I am prepared to give you a sneak peek. They will look something like this.

1) I must not catch the same numbered/destined bus more than once. For example, I can only catch the 11 to Ealing Broadway once. However, I would still be able to catch the 11 to Liverpool Street or the 207 to Ealing Broadway or even the N11 to Eailing Broadway.

2) I must not stay on a bus for longer than one stop.

3) I must not go along the same part of road twice unless I am travelling in the opposite direction.

4) I am allowed to walk/run between bus stops but I am not able to use any other form of transport.

5) I must pay for each journey. An Oyster card swipe is sufficient.

6) The period 'night' is determined as the time between dusk on Monday 12th April and dawn on Tuesday 13th April 2010. Based on those timings from previous years, it will give me approximately 11 hours (7:45pm - 06:45am)

And as things stand, that is where we are up to. The skeleton is in place. I just have to plan the night. Plan the best route. Plan which buses to get. Plan when to get them. Plan back up plans if they don't turn up. And try not to break a leg.

If anyone would like to get involved in anyway then send me an email: mrjonathanjameslee@gmail.com Support and abuse are also welcome. Incidentally, you probably have a better chance of getting in the film if your message is full of venom. I will make you look like a prick though.

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