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"That was embarrassing. I just sat down next to the wrong woman."
Discovered: Wednesday 24th March, 2010.
Location: The train from Coventry to Euston.
Circumstances: Man sits down next to his wife and tells her what just happened.
Excuse(s): He was making polite conversation.
Consequence(s): 1 - Wife looks around to see if she can find the woman who supposedly looks like her. 2 - A lot of scowling. 3 - Ignores cup of tea husband goes to fetch for her. 4 - Silence for the next 58 minutes.
Positive(s): 1 - He had two cups of tea. 2 - I didn't have to listen to their Brummie accents.
Action to take next time: 1 - He needs to be more observant. 2 - I need to teach myself not to travel to Coventry.

NB: See here for Things You Should Never Say To A Woman - Numbers 1-6 and here for Number 7.

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  1. What is it with being from Coventry and saying the wrong thing to women? I blame Lady Godiva.