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I'm a little bit disturbed. And that's very different from, 'I'm a little bit disturbing,' before anyone thinks they should stop reading. If you read my last post you will know we have a new government in the UK. I'm of the opinion that they should be given the chance to get this country back to where it should be. Rather worryingly though, I seem to be in a minority. I've read various newspaper columns and websites and seen comments on social networking sites over the last few days, that have, in all honesty, made me shake my head. And these comments are not just from Labour supporters. They are from those of all political persuasions. Tory. Lib Dem. Green. Monster Raving Loony. Monster Munch. The glaringly obvious conclusion is that people want this coalition to fail. Why? Well basically it is because your party of choice isn't in power. Or, if they are, they are not in power in the way you wanted. My question is, 'So what?' As surprising as it might sound, I didn't vote for a poxy coalition either. Am I glad we have one? No, I'm poxy well not. But that doesn't matter. Really it doesn't. The fact is, we do.

Like it or not, David Cameron is Prime Minister and Nick Clegg is his deputy. Their job is to make this country the best it can be. For me. For you. For your next door neighbour. For the milkman. For Peter Stringfellow. For Edd The Duck. For everyone. Shouldn't we all be hoping they can do that? Supporting a particular political party is not like supporting your local - or not so local - football team. We shouldn't want one to fail just because we don't like them. We should want them all to do their best for all of us. I was never a fan of Gordon Brown, but did I want him to make the UK a better place? Of course I did. I didn't want him to cock our country up. So why do people want David Cameron to fail? Well the general consensus seems to be because his cabinet is full of posh boys. Oh, and because he comes across as smug. Seriously, what is that about? It's a bit like me saying I don't want England to win the Football World Cup because I don't like the fact that Steven Gerrard doesn't sing the National Anthem. (And that is something that really annoys me). But I don't want England to fail. I want them to win. And, I'm sorry, but if you have any pride at all in this country then you should want this coalition to win too.

End of rant. Tomorrow I'll be back to writing about myself again. Probably something about my guns. I say tomorrow, it'll probably be June. When I've been in the weights room.

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  1. Can't really argue with that!!