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The thing is, I'm not a cynic. I look for the positive. I take things at face value. Above all, I trust. But today I got an email that made me rethink all that. Or, at the very least, it made me delete my Friend's Reunited account. I had an email telling me I had a message from an old school 'friend'. For purposes of this post, let's call her Lucy. Now Lucy and I were never really friends. We were in the same class and I think we may have sat next to each other in Art or Science or something, but that was as close as we ever got. In hindsight, given that I am now with someone I truly adore, I am delighted, but I'd be lying if I said that at the age of ten I didn't like her. Quite why I liked her I can't remember now. I don't remember her making me laugh and by all accounts she wasn't much to write home about in the looks department either. But then again, neither was I. My plastic spectacles the only thing taking attention away from my schoolboy fringe. Somehow, in some way though, I did fancy her. And somehow, in some way, the whole class found out. Maybe I was naive, but the day she asked me what shampoo I used was the day I went home a very happy boy. I liked a girl and she appreciated my taste in hair cleaning products. When you're ten that is the kind of thing that gets you through your homework. Well it did me anyway. I suspect I was buoyant as I made my way to school the next day. Maybe this day was the day I'd get myself a girlfriend? It wasn't. I had been set up. Lucy wasn't interested in me. Or my hair. She was playing to the class. Pretending to be interested in me. I was mocked. You would think I would have felt humiliated. But I don't remember that being the case. I think I just laughed it off and went back to the playground to play cricket. Inside though, I must have been hurting. Because I never forgave her. Not that she ever asked for forgiveness. Or apologised. That is, until today. In her email, she writes:

"Do you remember when we played that game and I pretended to fancy you? Sorry."

Now, maybe she means it. I don't know. Do you feel a pang of regret 17 years on from something you did at school and try and rectify it? Perhaps some people do. Unfortunately, the rest of Lucy's email is quite complimentary. I say unfortunately, because it is this that leads me to be cynical. Lucy mentions a few things she has read about me. She says she's read a few things I've written. And she says she likes it all. Words to that effect anyway. And then she asks me if I can use the audience I have (she really needs to check the recent stats for this blog) and plug her JustGiving page.

That's when I delete the email and then delete my Friend's Reunited profile. I'll stick with my real friends on Facebook and Twitter I think.

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