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You may have been wondering what on earth is going on with Jolly Interesting Stuff as of late. It used to be filled with so many apparently random ideas. Catching 100 buses in one night; driving between New York and San Francisco 25 times to beat an iPod; getting engaged on on New Year's Eve.* Recently though there hasn't even been a flicker of a new challenge or a bizarre project. Well that's because I have been planning. And playing with next door's cat. And when you are planning and playing with next doors cat you really have to give it 100% of your time and attention. But now the planning is over and next door's cat has escaped, so I can finally tell you what I am doing next. (As well as 7 Reasons, Third Shepherd™ and getting Is This You? published).

The working title of my new project is Midnight Train To Georgia. No doubt I am violating some copyright issue by calling it that, but until Gladys Knight sends the Pips over to have a word, that is what it shall remain. As the name suggests, I am planning to catch the Midnight Train To Georgia. If indeed there is one. But that's half the fun. The seed of this idea started many years ago when I was at University. I thought, having just heard the Deep Blue Something song, 'Wouldn't it be fun to have Breakfast At Tiffany's?' And at the time my answer was yes. But I never got round to doing it. Eight years on, my answer is still yes. But it's also no. There is nothing much to eating breakfast at Tiffany's. Basically it involves eating and getting asked to leave. That may have been the type of thing a younger me would have done - in a respectable manner of course - now though, it seems somewhat, well, immature. Without giving away too much of what Is This You? is about, I end up inspiring people to reconnect with friends and family who they have, for whatever reason, lost contact with. That was never the intention. It started as a whimsical quest to try and find my best friend's look-alike. But it evolved in to something that I could never have foreseen. And it evolved in to something life changing. Partly for me, but more for other people. It was fantastic and I wouldn't change any of it, but it was fantastic because of the end point. The start of it was just silly. Very, very silly. So I don't want to do silly things anymore. Not that silly anyway. Everything I do will always have a quirky edge, because that's what I do, but there will also have to be stimulation. And that is why I don't want breakfast at Tiffany's, it's why I want to catch the midnight train to Georgia. I imagine it must be a fascinating thing to do. More fascinating than the midnight train to Loughborough anyway. The characters, the scenery (I'll have to take a torch), the sandwiches. Think Michael Palin meets Bill Bryson meets Jonathan Lee.

Catching the midnight train to Georgia is only the start though. I am going to embark on a number of other journeys that are inspired by song titles. The plan is to make a film of it and also make it my second book. And this is where you come in. Because you get to shape my journey. You get to decide where I go. Or at least you suggest songs and I think about them or ignore them depending on whether they might get me killed or not. Oh, and each song doesn't have to follow on from the other. I.E.: My second trip doesn't have to start in Georgia. And please, do me a favour, don't suggest Breakfast at Tiffany's. I look forward to all your suggestions - either in the comments section or in an email if you want to suggest something by Steps. And who knows, maybe you'll get to join me for a leg of the journey.

*One of these may still happen. I'll let you guess which.

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  1. how about hotel california...bound to be at least one

  2. A couple of suggestions:

    Boulder to Birmingham. The song is about Boulder, Colorado to Birmingham, Alabama (but you could decide to go to Birmingham, England). Emmy Lou Harris walked there in the song but it's over 1,000 miles so I wouldn't recommend it drive or get a train. Plus she didn't actually do the journey so you could get one over on her.

    Walking in Memphis - perhaps not as interesting and you'd need to get to Memphis first.

  3. Here are my ideas for you Jonathon. Please credit me!! :)

    Back in the USSR
    Midnight at the oasis
    Marching through Georgia
    North to Alaska
    Tennesse Waltz
    One Night in Bangkok
    When you to to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

    Good luck! I'll be following. x :)

  4. got to be hard-fi - feltham is singing out!!! xxxx