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This is not an easy post to write. For someone who calls themselves a writer today I fail in that pursuit as I don't have the words. After a wonderful three years the Jolly Interesting Stuff™ blog closes today. At least in its current form on blogspot. The newly created jonathanleecreative.com meant I was faced with a choice. To move this blog or to remain. There are a whole host of advantages in moving - ranging from fewer passwords to lose to SEO based positives - and as such the choice was not a difficult one. That's not to say I move without heavy heart. This blog has been home to some fascinating posts. We have interviewed actors, writers, newsreaders and fake cricketers. We have examined the political strain that one is faced with when drinking American and Russian cocktails. We have grown a ginger moustache. And, of course, who can forget the rather beautiful online romance with Julia Garang. So, yes, moving is tough. But move we must and reminiscing just prolongs the inevitable. So let's dry those eyes, stand up tall and leave with a smile on our faces. We have things to do.

You know me well enough to know that I wouldn't leave you with sadness in your heart. So, in something of a seamless join, the Jolly Interesting Stuff™ story continues immediately in its new location with Saying Hello. I knew you'd be pleased.

Before you go though, thank you blogspot and thank you. Maybe you'll come with me, maybe this is where you want to get off. Whichever it is let me say how much I have appreciated your loyalty to and interaction with this blog since 2007. It's been tremendous fun and exceeded even my wildest expectations. Thanks. With that, it's...


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